Sunday, July 10, 2011

tUnE-yArDs- Powa

the new tUnE-yArDs album is possibly the greatest album of the year.

below is a list of things that may have affected the above claim.
-I've been desperately needing a summer album
-I've taken a ukelele to the beach a couple times in the past months
-i really really like prince

Take a listen to the track below. Listen to how the simple chord progression builds over the 5 minutes song. From a sweet plea to a lover to a full-blown-Prince-Mariah-James-Brown-all-out-earful-of-awesome.

The rest of the album is great summer music and shows range. The other obvious stand out is the sond Bizness, click here to watch the video.

1 comment:

west coast girl said...

here i was thinking, "oh ok, i will give it a listen... oh no. where do i buy this? must have must have." miss you. keep music coming. love love.